Gazebos and greenhouses and balloons, OH MY!

First things first Sam and Jenn are the best. They’re fun. They’re adventurous. And they get the cutest so-happy-i-cant-stop-grinning looks on their faces every single time they look at each other. Love exudes from them.

Which of course, I love.

Plus it makes my job easy peasy lemon squeezey.

The sweetest folks at Salem Riverfront Carousel let us in to take some pictures before they opened for the day. They were all prepped for a whole slew of birthday parties so we tried to get all the birthday hats off for the pictures but we missed a few.

I’ll blame the fact that their love is so blindingly beautiful the hats just didn’t show up anymore.

Then we headed over to Bush’s Pasture Park and let me tell you this was probably the best decision. Greenhouse. Gazebo. Balloons. It was all the best kind of magic.

Now for their colorful, fanciful, game-filled, shows-their-personalities-in-all-the-best-ways wedding. Dunno ’bout you but I can’t hardly wait.

SalemEngagement-SamandJenn-1 SalemEngagement-SamandJenn-2 SalemEngagement-SamandJenn-3 SalemEngagement-SamandJenn-4 SalemEngagement-SamandJenn-5 SalemEngagement-SamandJenn-6 SalemEngagement-SamandJenn-7 SalemEngagement-SamandJenn-8 SalemEngagement-SamandJenn-9 SalemEngagement-SamandJenn-10 SalemEngagement-SamandJenn-11 SalemEngagement-SamandJenn-12 SalemEngagement-SamandJenn-13 SalemEngagement-SamandJenn-14 SalemEngagement-SamandJenn-15 SalemEngagement-SamandJenn-16 SalemEngagement-SamandJenn-17 SalemEngagement-SamandJenn-20 SalemEngagement-SamandJenn-21 SalemEngagement-SamandJenn-18 SalemEngagement-SamandJenn-19

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