I first met Aidan a few years ago out country western dancing, and I was so thrilled when he asked me to take his senior photos! He’s a music major and has his own band with few of his friends, so of course we had to shoot in one of the main OSU rehearsal rooms in the music building. Get that guitar in on the photoshoot too! The rain (oh, Oregon) postponed our outside shooting but we got that warm sun to come out on the second go round.

Congrats on graduating Aidan! Best of luck to you out here in the post-college world! M15B1388 M15B1423 M15B1444 M15B1464 M15B1466 M15B1485 M15B1535 M15B1655 M15B1710 M15B1718 M15B1745 M15B1766 M15B1803 M15B1812 M15B1848 M15B1889 M15B1906 M15B1932

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