Shooting these images was an incredible time. It was cold, it was wet but we’re in western Oregon so its all in a February day! I loved being able to take you around such an awesome place, capturing this love and trying new things (clear umbrellas are my new favorite thing). Their love is so giggly and silly and strong and just downright adorable I couldn’t help but smile watching them be together without any distractions.

Jessie and Nick, I’m so glad we’re friends!

Spittin’ rain, bone-chilling cold, ain’t nothin’ stoppin’ your love!

M15B8390 M15B8391 M15B8403 M15B8422M15B8432M15B8427 M15B8435 M15B8439 M15B8495 M15B8497 M15B8501 M15B8506 M15B8513 M15B8516 M15B8525 M15B8529 M15B8560 M15B8579 M15B8587 M15B8601 M15B8639

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