For the last month I’ve been spending oodles of time up at the OSU sheep center volunteering during lambing season! Bottle feeding babies, spreading hay (getting it all up in my boots because I wore my hole-y jeans), and making tons of new friends (human and sheep alike!) It’s been an incredible experience to watch these littles pop on into the world (I even helped one do so!) and I’m so joyful I got to be a part of it.

These little babies popped into the world late on a Wednesday night with wiggly little tails and awkward little knees. Momma Ewe was so good, getting her babies clean and fed.

_MG_1946 _MG_1929 _MG_1926 _MG_1903_MG_1408-2_MG_1204_MG_2425

The little bummer babies were my favorite. Little Italy (the dainty-faced one up above) was a teensy tiny triplet when she was born, so she lived in the office for the first two and a half weeks of her life and turned into a pampered little princess lamb. The snuggliest, itty bitty woolen thing I’ve ever seen. When I first met her she couldn’t quite stand on her own, and could only eat a few ounces at a time, but within a few days, she was pitter-pattering around the office and cuddling with all the volunteers on the couch. Darling little girl is growing up and realizes she’s a sheep, not a human, but she’ll still come running when she hears her name! _MG_2412_MG_2564_MG_2365

Albert is the cutest of the bummers (sorry Italy). He looks like a stuffed lamb instead of a real one! Handsome big eyes, wide little jaw, soft fluffy wool. And he’s the sweetest little boy, running around and watching everything that’s going on around him. The little tufts of hair on top of his head crack me up._MG_2362_MG_2113_MG_2008_MG_1985_MG_1992_MG_2039_MG_2090I appreciate my time up at the barn so much. I’ve learned so many things, got a bit dirty, made friends and fell more in love with animals (I will have a mini-farm one day, I will have a mini farm one day, I will, I will!!)

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  1. Really beautiful photos, Heather. You captured the innocence of new life so beautifully. I think you were meant to be a farm girl. Oh and happy belated birthday.
    Deborah S.

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