Emily and Jason’s wedding was STUNNING. And I’m not just saying that because Emily’s my cousin, promise! It was the perfect day, the weather was gorgeous for pictures, Ron’s Pond made for a breathtaking backdrop – so much green! – and a whole passel of wonderful people gathered together to celebrate this couple!
Emily and Jason 3     _MG_0582Emily and Jason 2_MG_0588EmilyandJason_MG_0607 _MG_0611 _MG_0651 _MG_0680 _MG_0736 _MG_0769 _MG_0773 _MG_0934 _MG_0948EmilyandJasonEpperley_125EmilyandJasonEpperley_126
_MG_0965 _MG_0986 _MG_1000 _MG_1026 _MG_1033  Emily and Jason 4  _MG_1070 _MG_1215 _MG_1226 _MG_1235_MG_1436 _MG_1289 _MG_1308 _MG_1312 _MG_1338 _MG_1353  _MG_1445 _MG_1492 _MG_1504 _MG_1508 _MG_1515 _MG_1531 _MG_1553 _MG_1557 _MG_1587 _MG_1633  Emily and Jason 5_MG_1638_MG_1649 _MG_1661 _MG_1708 _MG_1748 _MG_1817 _MG_1636_MG_1952 _MG_1980 _MG_2006 _MG_2020 _MG_2150 _MG_2199 _MG_2206 _MG_2217
_MG_2235 _MG_2240Congratulations on your gorgeous wedding and just-beginning marriage! I’m so honored you picked me to document your special day and I wish you both the best!


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