Going into my 5th week of school, and all I can say is that school is sucking my time like a happy little vampire!  I’m not too unhappy about that though, because I love my classes! I’m really blessed to be able to take classes that I love and work on earning a major that fills me up with happiness.  I’m taking Physical Geology, Documentary Photography, Alternative Processes Photography and the first class in the General Art History series. My favorite class is definitely my alternative processes photography class. We’re shooting with a view camera and 4×5 sheet film, although we began shooting with a Polaroid back, so we could have instant results and get a feel for the camera.


So far we have made Cyanotype prints (the blue one), and A Van Dyke Brown (the brown one). I’m completely in love with the hands on part of photography. How I can create an image completely without the help of anything electronic just blows my mind!  Not to mention the process is fun too! Putting so much time and effort into a picture really makes me appreciate digital photography and how almost effortless it can be to produce huge masses of images!

cyano (2)i

Time to go study and read my really heavy textbooks some more. Hopefully I will be able to post again soon, I have so many things to share I feel like I’ll never catch up!

P.S. These pictures (save the cyanotype) are from my Instagram, which you can follow here!


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