16 was inspiration and infectious happiness spread by smiles bigger than the sun. I got my first dslr and started a Project 365. My favorite school project of all time was this year, and I wrote a 51,775 word novel in 27 days for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).

_MG_5422 copy

17 was more happy days and the funniest times of my life. I started realizing how fast time was passing and how quickly I wasn’t going to be 17 anymore (I still feel 17). Prom, which I swore I wouldn’t go to, and feeling like my life was a novel. My truck broke and was fixed.


18 was planning and dreaming, missing the little things and running forward while looking back. I graduated and started my first year as a photo major 524 miles away from the only place I’d ever lived.

19 is fixing myself and growing up, loving with all my heart and learning from everything. And making a blog to keep up with what’s to come.


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